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Short Course: Winter Road Maintenance

Dr. Liping Fu gave a short course on “Winter Road Maintenance – Performance Measurement and Evaluation” as a part of the professional development program offered through the 2012 CSCE Annual Conference.

This short course introduced the fundamentals of performance measurement for highway winter maintenance operations, including basic concepts, performance measurement framework, alternative performance measures, and data needs, and a new software tool that could be used to automate the performance measurement process. It illustrated the introduced concepts, processes and methods through the use of case studies.

This short course consisted of a total of five sessions;

1. Introduction and Survey (by Dr. Liping Fu and Jonathan T.J. Kwon)
2. Performance Measurement: Concepts and Methods (by Dr. Liping Fu)
3. Data for PM (by Jonathan T.J. Kwon)
4. Models for PM (by Dr. Liping Fu)
5. Tool – iWinMan (by Dr. Liping Fu)