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This research theme focuses on a range of issues arising in winter road maintenance (WRM) with the following active research topics:

● WRM performance: standards, measurement and benchmarking
● Decision support for winter maintenance management
● Organic liquids for snow and ice control
● Mobile road surface condition monitoring and operations tracking
● Weather and surface sensor evaluation
● Road surface condition estimation and forecasting
● Optimization of RWIS location
● Snow and ice control methods, materials and equipments
● Snow and ice control for parking lots and sidewalks
● Safety and mobility benefits of WRM

This research theme is aimed at developing transportation network and traffic models for supporting weather sensitive demand forecasting, traffic control and management. Thefollowing are the active research topics:

● Effects of weather on traffic operations and driver behaviours, from microscopic (e.g., car following and lane changing) to macroscopic (e.g., trip destination, routing and scheduling).
● Mobility impact of road weather and surface conditions
● Weather sensitive traffic control and management strategies, such as ramp metering and dynamic message signs, variable speed limits.

This research theme covers the following particular research topics

● Safety impact of winter weather and road surface conditions
● Winter road safety performance and countermeasure analysis
● GIS-based model for road accident analysis,
● Identification of high risk highway-rail grade crossings and evaluation of the effectiveness of countermeasures
● Risk-based optimization model to locate dangerous goods emergency response unit
● Optimization model for marshaling and placement of rail cars with dangerous goods

This research theme focuses on developing models and algorithms for in-vehicle route guidance systems, advanced fleet dispatching systems and public transit. The specific research topics include:

● Vehicle routing and scheduling in dynamic and stochastic traffic networks
● Heuristic shortest past algorithms for in-vehicle route guidance systems
● Planning, design and operations of dial-a-ride paratransit services
● Transit operations control with real time information