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2012 CSCE Annual Conference (June 6-9th, 2012)

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Annual Conference was held in Edmonton, Alberta.

There were three papers accepted for publication from the iTSS Lab and they are as follows;

1. [PDF] “Feasibility of Using Speed as a Winter Road Maintenance Performance Measure for Rural Highways”

by L. Thakali, L.J. Cao, G. Donahar, and , L. Fu (presenter)

2. [PDF] “Effect of Inclement Weather Conditions on Macroscopic Traffic Behavior” by T.J. Kwon (presenter) , L. Fu , and K. Hossain

3. [PDF] “Quantifying the Mobility Effects of Winter Road Conditions” by G. Donaher, L. Fu (presenter), T. Usman