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Tae J. Kwon

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Tae J. Kwon, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo
Office: Engineering2-2310
Phone: (519)888-4567, ext. 31178
E-mail: tkwon@uwaterloo.ca

About Tae

Tae J. Kwon completed a Ph.D. study under supervision of Dr. Liping Fu at the University of Waterloo. His PhD dissertation title is “Development and Evaluation of Models and Algorithms for Locating RWIS Stations”. In the past, he studied satellite remote sensing, more specifically in developing image classification/segmentation algorithms. He has published numerous conference and journal papers during his graduate studies. He is currently working on a follow-on research project to “RWIS Density and Location Optimization”, funded by AURORA, an international partnership of public road agencies.

Research Interests

  • Location optimization of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) facilities
  • Spatial and temporal analyses of road traffic and safety
  • Geography information systems (GIS) applications in transportation (e.g., transportation impact analysis, ITS, Infrastructure planning, design and management)
  • Remote sensing (RS) and transportation (e.g., highway management, ITS, urban planning)
  • Traffic flow theory and applications of ITS
  • Urban transportation planning and travel demand modeling
  • Applications of Big Data for estimation and forecasting of road and traffic conditions

Professional Affiliations

  • Member (young professional) of TRB Surface Transportation Weather Committee (AH010)
  • Reviewer for Journal of Transportation Research Record
  • Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Reviewer for Journal of Statistical Computing
  • Reviewer for Journal of Modern Transportation


  • University of Waterloo Doctoral Thesis Award, 12/2015
  • NSERC / University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship (2 times)
  • University of Waterloo Departmental Graduate Students Award (6 times)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Tuition Fee Award, 2011-2015
  • University of Waterloo Environmental Studies Graduate Excellence Award (3 times)
  • Institute of Transportation Engineer (ITE) Presentation Completion (1st Place), 2009
  • J.L. Beaton Award, 2008
  • Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Education Foundation Award, 2007
  • University Entrance Scholarships, 2004-2009


Journal Articles

Conference Papers

Project Reports

Book Chapters

Workshops and Seminars

Selected Oral Presentations

  • Kwon, T. J., Fu, L., & Perchanok, M. (2016). Spatiotemporal Variability of Road Weather Conditions and Optimal RWIS Density – Case Studies. Presented at the 95th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., Jan 2016.
  • Kwon, T. J., & Fu, L (2014). Development and Evaluation of Models and Algorithms for Locating RWIS Stations, 2nd International Symposium & Exhibition on Winter Road Maintenance (Aug 19-21) , Harbin, China.
  • Kwon, T. , Fu, L., & Jiang, C. (2013). Effect of Winter Weather and Road Surface Conditions on Macroscopic Traffic Parameters. The 93rd annual TRB meeting (Jan 13 -16), Washington D.C. USA
  • Kwon, T. , & Fu, L. (2013). Evaluation of alternative criteria for determining the optimal location of RWIS stations at regional level. Annual meeting of the Transportation Association Canada (Apr 13), Ottawa, ON., Canada.
  • Kwon, J. & Fu, L. (2012). Effect of Inclement Weather Conditions on Macroscopic Traffic Behaviour. The 9th International Transportation Specialty Conference, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (June 4-7), Edmonton, AB., Canada.
  • Kwon, T. , T Chin, & Hilbert W. (2009). High Resolution Stereo Satellite Imagery for the Extraction of 3-D Highway Parameters, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) Annual Conference, St John’s, Canada.