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Prof. Fu and Tae’s research trip to Harbin, China

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In the past summer, Dr. Fu and Tae were invited to give a talk at the 2nd International Symposium on Winter Road Maintenance, held in Harbin, China (Aug 19-22, 2014).
Dr. Fu gave a keynote speech and presented on “Performance of Alternative Snow and Ice Control Strategies and Materials – Results from a Large Scale Field Test” whereas Tae talked about his research topic on “Development and Evaluation of Models and Algorithms for Locating RWIS Stations“.

This symposium was to follow the success of the 1st Winter Road Maintenance Symposium held two years ago in the City of Edmonton, Canada, with an expanded scope and participation of international winter road maintenance community. The symposium provided a forum for sharing worldwide knowledge and experience in snow and ice control strategies, methods and technologies. The symposium also brought together many transportation professionals from around the world to discuss and share innovative ideas and latest advances in the planning, maintenance, management and operations of transportation systems under adverse winter weather conditions.

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