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Virtual Mobility Lab for Innovative Transportation Research

Virtual Mobility Lab for Innovative Transportation Research (CFI, with Chris Bachmann and Bruce Hellinga)

This project is intended to establish a new Virtual Mobility Lab (VML) which will feature a set of state-of-the art, multi-modal pedestrian, biking and driving simulators, transportation data collection devices, and supporting computing platforms.  The lab will be linked to our external partners’ cloud portals for both offline and online access to big data (pedestrian, cyclist, and motorized traffic flows) from hundreds of Miovision and third-party traffic sensors (e.g., cameras, loops, Bluetooth/Wifi detectors) being instrumented at over 300 intersections in the Region of Waterloo (ROW). In addition to the required VR simulation software systems, the VML will also be equipped with state-of-the-art transport systems modelling and simulation software such as INRO EMME (a multimodal travel demand analysis system), PTV Vissim (a microscopic multi-modal traffic flow simulator), and Trafficware Synchro (a macroscopic traffic analysis and signal optimization tool).