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Collaborative Research for Improved Rail Safety (Transport Canada)

This is a collaborative research program participated by the University of Alberta, McGill University and York University, funded by Transport Canada. The program includes five projects aiming at addressing a wide range of issues related to rail transportation:
• Safety management of railway crossings – developing and refining Transport Canada’s risk assessment and countermeasure analysis tool – GradeX; (Drs. Liping Fu and Luis Miranda-Moreno)
• Risk assessment and causality analysis of train derailments (Drs. Peter Park and Liping Fu)
• Real-time safety monitoring and conflict analysis using video technology and machine learning (Drs. Luis Miranda-Moreno and Liping Fu)
• Connected Vehicle (CV) technologies for improving user warning at grade crossings (Drs. Tony Qiu, Tae Kwon and Liping Fu)
• Mobile data collection system for improving data updating and sharing of rail network inventory (Dr. Liping Fu)