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Advancing Traffic Management Using Bluetooth/Wifi and Connected Vehicle Data (NSERC Alliance + OCE-VIP)

The proposed research is a collaborative effort between the University of Waterloo and SMATS aiming to develop new traffic performance measurement and signal control systems using Bluetooth/Wifi and CV data. Specifically, the proposed research is to achieve the objectives of developing new metrics for assessing the road traffic performance at various spatiotemporal scales; developing new AI-based traffic signal control methods that can take advantage of the new Big Traffic Data sources; and exploring innovative simulation-based techniques for assessing the effectiveness of the proposed performance metrics and control models.  The proposed research will address the challenge posed by two strikingly different data sources: high-frequent but low-quality Bluetooth/Wifi data vs. low-frequent but high-quality CV data.  It will generate new knowledge, innovative traffic analysis and signal control methodologies, and new models and tools that can be immediately tested and implemented in the field, benefiting Ontario and all municipalities across Canada.