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Knowledge Exchange and Research Seminars in Korea (April 1 & 7, 2016)

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In last April, Dr. Fu and Dr. Kwon were formally invited by Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) to exchange innovative and thought-provoking ideas dedicated to solving various transportation-related challenges such as persistent safety problems, rising traffic congestion, high energy consumption and emissions, using the latest developments in information technologies and increasing availability of Big Data.

KICT is a government-sponsored research institute in Korea responsible for establishing government policies and performing R&D to enable convenient, safe, and high-quality land development for the nation. Also, we conduct R&D on policies and substitute technologies that include technical criteria and instructions necessary for safe, efficient and economical roads. It conducts a variety of research activities related to: materials and methods for road pavement, maintenance technologies, technologies to install and maintain road safety subsidiary facilities and road safety improvement systems, and enhanced road/transportation services.

In particular, Dr. Fu gave a presentation on Advancing transportation safety and sustainability using big data, and Dr. Kwon talked about his recent research findings on Spatiotemporal variability of road weather conditions and optimal RWIS density.

Dr. Kwon was also invited by Korea Express Co-operations and Korea Meteorological Administration to give a talk on “RWIS – North American Experiences” and to provide guidance on facilitating an efficient and safe movement of goods and people during the upcoming 2018 PyungChang Winter Olympic, to be held in Korea.

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