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JunHua Wang

JunHua Wang

Visiting Scholar
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Waterloo

E-mail: benwjh@163.com

Past Research Activities

Dr. Junhua Wang is currently a Visiting Scholar in UW. He is a Professor in College of Transportation Engineering of Tongji University, China. His research interest includes Highway Operational Safety, Emergency Management and Accident Modelling. He took charge of 3 National Science fund projects and 3 National Plan for Science & Technology Support Project in the recent years. He published more than 100 papers. In addition, he got 1 National Science and Technology Award and more than 7 Province Science and Technology Awards.

Research Interests

  • Highway Operational Safety
  • Emergency Management



Recent Publication

Wang Junhua, Liu Boya, Fu Ting, Modeling when and where a secondary accident occurs, Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2019(130):160-166

Wang, Junhua; Kong, Yumeng; Fu, Ting Accident Analysis & Prevention, Expressway crash risk prediction using back propagation neural network: A brief investigation on safety resilience, 124(2019), pp. 180-192.

Junhua Wang, Tianyang Luo, Ting Fu, Accident Analysis & Prevention,  Crash prediction based on traffic platoon characteristics using floating car trajectory data and the machine learning approach, 133(2019), pp. 1-8

Qiangqiang Shangguan, Ting Fu,Junhua Wang*,Tianyang Luo,Shouen Fang,An integrated methodology for real-time driving risk status prediction using naturalistic driving data, Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2021(156):160122

Junhua Wang, Hao Song, Ting Fu, Molly Behan, Lei Jie, Yingxian He, Qiangqiang Shangguan, Crash prediction for freeway work zones in real time: A comparison between Convolutional Neural Network and Binary Logistic Regression model, International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology. In Press

Wenxiang Xu , Junhua Wang*, Ting Fu, Hongren Gong, Anae Sobhani Aggressive Driving Behavior Prediction Considering Driver’s Intention based on Multivariate-Temporal Feature Data Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2022(164):106477

Junhua Wang, Wengxiang, Ting Fu Hongren Gong, Qiangqiang Shangguan, Anae Sobhani Modeling aggressive driving behavior based on graph construction, Transportation Research Part C, 2022(138): 103654

unhua Wang, Ting Fu, Jiangtian Xue, Chengmin Li,Hao Song,Wngxiang Xu,Qiangqiang Shangguan,Wide-area vehicle trajectory tracking using millimeter-wave radar sensors and the open TJRD TS dataset IJTST https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijtst.2022.02.006

Wenxiang Xu, Junhua Wang*, Ting Fu, Anae Sobhani, Matin Nabavi Niaki,Investigating Contributing Factors on Aggressive Driving Based on a Structural Equation Model, Journal of Advanced Transportation 2022(2022): 1783392

TingFu,Xiaochen Yu,Binglei Xiong,ChaozheJiang, JunhuaWang,Qiangqiang Shangguan, WenxiangXu, A Method in Modeling Interactive Pedestrian Crossing and Driver Yielding Decisions during Their Interactions at Intersections,Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour,2022(88):37-53