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Jaspreet Kaur


Jaspreet Kaur

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo
E-mail: j46kaur@uwaterloo.ca


About Jaspreet

She has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Physics Honours from Panjab University, India. She has gained experience by engaging in High Energy Physics, Particle Physics, Nanotechnology & Astronomy projects. Her interest in anthropogenic climatic changes persuaded her towards ecological sustainability. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in Civil Engineering and her research is focussed on Sustainable Winter Road Maintenance.

Research Interests

  • Winter Road Maintenance
  • Non-Conventional Energy Resources
  • Efficient Transport Network
  • Bleaching of Corals
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal


Journal Articles

  • S. K. Tripathi, R. Kaur, J. Kaur, and M. Sharma, “Third-order nonlinear optical response of Ag–CdSe/PVA hybrid nanocomposite,” in Applied Physics A, 2015, vol. 120, no. 3, pp. 1047–1057.

Conference Papers

  • T. Usman, L. Fu, J. Kaur, M. Perchanok, and M. Heather, “Optimize Pre-Wetting for Sustainable Winter Road Maintenance,” 2017, pp. 1–18.