University of Waterloo professor focused research in the field of traffic information – Prof. Liping Fu

Source: Mandarin Profile Awards

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Professor Fu native of Jiangsu Province in 1992 from the University of Alberta PhD after graduation to slip CITIZEN Lu University, has served as a professor.Seventeen years led team, published more than a hundred journal articles and conference papers, and many achievements in the field of transport optimization, the main impact of bad weather on the research environment and transport, and also won the 2011 Canadian Transport Association academic merit award. Professor Fu and the team is not only satisfied with the current research in the field, we would prefer to use more post era of big data, allowing more timely and effective messaging traffic. And this phone system by collecting data, and through artificial intelligence analysis has been carried out in the third year. In the professional field of research professor Fu Liping quite pleased with the success of those years, as long as their own research team and have a profound impact on improving traffic problems will fight for life.