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Chao Wen


Dr. Chao Wen, Ph. D.

Associate Professor
School of Transportation & Logistics
Southwest Jiaotong University

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo
E-mail: wenchao@swjtu.cn   swjtuctt@gmail.com

About Dr. Wen

Dr. Chao has a number of active projects that focus on High Speed Rail:

  1. Train diagram dynamic property optimization theory and methods of high-speed rail based on conflict management (Source: Specialized Research Funds for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, Ministry of Education of P.R.C), Jan. 2013-now
  2. Feedback optimization theory for high-speed train timetable using bayesian inference of latent conflict (Source: National Nature Science Foundation of China), Jan.2016-now
  3. High-speed train diagram optimization theory and methods based on conflict management(Source: Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities), Sep. 2012-Dec.2014
  4. High-speed rail dispatching system construction
    (Source: Sichuan Province Key Laboratory of Comprehensive Transportation), Sep. 2012-Dec.2014

Research Interests

  • Railway timetableing and dispatching
  • Railway capacity optimization

Previous Publications

Chao Wen,Jianguang Li,Qiyuan Peng,Bingyu Li,Juanjuan Ren. Predicting high-speed train operation conflicts using workflow nets and triangular fuzzy numbers. Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit,2015,Vol. 229(3): 268-279.

Chao WEN*, Qiyuan PENG, Yuhong CHEN, Juanjuan REN. Modelling the running states of high-speed trains using triangular fuzzy number workflow nets.Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit,2014,Vol. 228(4) 422-430.

Qiyuan Peng, Chao Wen*, Chaozhe Jiang,Yanling Wei.Collaborative Mechanism of High-Speed RailwayDispatching System. Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing,2014, 20:4, 637-649.

Chao Wen, Ping Huang, Jianguang Li*, Qiuan Peng & Chaozhe Jiang. Identifying key trains and their reasonable ratios in high-speed rail timetables. Journal of Transportation Safety & Security, 2016,8:119-135.

Qiyuan Peng, Jianguang Li,Yuxiang Yang,Chao Wen*. Influences of High-speed Railway Construction on Railway Transportation of China. Journal of Southwest Jiaotong ,2016,51(3):525-533.

Jianguang LI, Chao WEN*, Haiqing YU, Xiaozhu Chen, Qiyuan PENG.Simulation Analyses of Capacity Coordination of High-speed rail Stations and Lines. 94th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, January 2015.

Chao Wen*, Tengzi LONG,Jianguang LI, Qiyuan PENG, Haiqing YU, Chaozhe JIANG.Identifying Key Trains and Calculating Reasonable Ratios in the High-speed Rail Scheme.94th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, January 2015.

Qiyuan PENG , Yongxiang ZHANG, Chao WEN*, Jianguang LI, Chaozhe JIANG.Automatic Approval of Railway Car Requisition Plans for One Type of Car.94th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, January 2015.

Peijuan Xu,Qiyuan PENG,Chao WEN*,Jingwei Guo,Shuguang ZhAN. Human Reliability Analysis on High-speed Train Dispatcher Based on THERP and Markov Theory. Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology, 2014,14(6):133-140.

Qiyuan PENG,Kui Yang,Chao WEN*. Discussion About the Night Train Operation of Chinese High-Speed Railway.Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University, 2015,50(4):569-576.
Liping FENG,Qiyuan PENG,Chao WEN*. Modeling of High-Speed Railway Operation Informational Interaction Process using OOPN. Journal of System Simulation, 2015,27(4)::697-705.

Chao WEN *, Qiyuan PENG, Yuhong CHEN.Train Operation Adjustment Based on Conflict Resolution for High-speed Rail.Science Technology and Engineering,2013,Vol.13,No.10,pp136-142.

Chao Wen *, Yuhong CHEN. Capacity Adaptability Calculation and Strengthen of Dali-Ruili Railway. Science Technology and Engineering,2013, Vol.13,No.3,pp 806-810.

Chao Wen*, Binyu Li.Train Operation Adjustment Based on Conflict Resolution for High-speed Rail,Journal of Transportation Security, 2013,Vol. 6,No. 1,pp77-87.