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Prof. Fu and Tae’s research trip to Harbin, China

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In the past summer, Dr. Fu and Tae were invited to give a talk at the 2nd International Symposium on Winter Road Maintenance, held in Harbin, China (Aug 19-22, 2014). Dr. Fu gave a keynote speech and presented on “Performance of Alternative Snow and Ice Control Strategies and Materials – Results from a Large Scale Field Test” whereas Tae talked about his research topic on “Development and Evaluation of Models and …Read More

[ICTIS 2015] Call for Papers

The 3rd International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety(ICTIS 2015) Wuhan, China June 25th ~ June 28th 2015 http://www.ictis-online.org Call for Papers CONFERENCE TOPICS The collection and Analysis of Transportation Big data Traffic Simulation Technology based on Big data Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Technology and Application Intelligent Vehicles and Equipment Navigation Digitization and Maritime Informatization Intelligent Transport Systems Rail Traffic Informatization based on Big data Information Technology and Its Applications in Air …Read More

Our Alumnus Frank Feng is on CBC News, Edmonton, Canada

Our alumnus Frank Feng went on CBC News, Edmonton on April 11th. Frank involved in many research projects involving estimation and forecasting of winter road surface conditions while pursing his PhD degree under supervision of Dr. Fu here at UW. This time, Frank himself together with his traffic analysis team at the City of Edmonton developed a tool to forecast number and location of vehicle collisions. These forecasts are shared with police …Read More

[2ND CCWT] Call for Abstracts

The 2nd China-Canada Winter Transportation (2ND CCWT) Symposium and Exhibition August 20-22, 2014, Harbin China Safe, Smart and Sustainable Winter Transportation With the successful 1st China-Canada Winter Transportation Ssymposium (CCWT) in June 2012 in Canada, CHTS and CSCE have decided to promote the symposium to a long-term international brand, which provides a communication and cooperation platform to both two countries and even to the world.  The 2nd China-Canada Winter Transportation Symposium and Exhibition will be held August 19-22, 2014 in …Read More

Once again, our research has been featured on the news!

Road salt usage causing problems in Ontario Winter demand is taking a significant environmental and budgetary toll Thursday, February 13, 2014 By Barbara Carss An elevated demand for road salt thus far this winter has repercussions for the environment, urban infrastructure and property maintenance budgets. Customary stockpiles have been depleted more rapidly than usual throughout the vast swath of Ontario that relies heavily on road salt for melting ice and …Read More

Our Safety-Related Research was Featured on the Media!

Salt + Winter Roads = Safety, A New Study Finds Most drivers know that during and after winter storms, applying salt to roads and highways is a good thing to do, but a new study confirms the tremendous safety benefits salt can provide to help make roads safe and prevent crashes, injuries and deaths. The results of the study, Safety Impacts of Using Deicing Salt, were announced on Wednesday at …Read More

iTSS at the 2014 TRB Annual Meeting (Jan. 12-16, 2014)

At the upcoming 2014 TRB Annual Meeting, the members of the iTSS Lab will be presenting a total of 14 papers! Detailed information about our presentations is listed below: January 13th 2014: “Experimental Study on Effectiveness of Anti-icing Operations for Snow and Ice Control of Parking Lots and Sidewalks” by Hossain, K.S.M., Fu, L., and Olesen, A.J. (Lectern session, 8:00 – 9:45 a.m. at Maryland B, Marriott) “Monitoring and Analysis …Read More

Raqib Omer goes on CTV News!

Our research associate, Raqib Omer’s interview with CTV News Kitchener went on air on Dec 20, 2013. He talks about how his recently developed app and device are helping minimize road salt use in Waterloo region. For a full story, click on the image!

Smart Scale is featured on UW’s Daily Bullentin

Waterloo grad’s innovation is worth its salt For contractors who drop salt on parking lots and sidewalks, as well as the municipalities or owners who pay for it, there’s never been a way to measure how much salt is actually dispensed. Smart Scale, an automated salt logging and tracking system designed specifically for the winter maintenance industry, is changing that. Developed by Raqib Omer, a Waterloo Engineering graduate, Smart Scale …Read More