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Check out the video on Prof. Fu’s successful story [Fairchild Television]

University of Waterloo professor focused research in the field of traffic information – Prof. Liping Fu Source: Mandarin Profile Awards Article translated by Google Inc. Professor Fu native of Jiangsu Province in 1992 from the University of Alberta PhD after graduation to slip CITIZEN Lu University, has served as a professor.Seventeen years led team, published more than a hundred journal articles and conference papers, and many achievements in the field of …Read More


Here are the detailed information about our presentations at the 2016 TRB Annual Meeting: Mon 1/11/2016 10:15AM – 12:00PM Authors: Tae J. Kwon, Liping Fu, and Max Perchanok Paper ID: 16-4749 Paper Title: Spatio-temporal variability of road weather conditions and optimal RWIS density – Case Studies Presented by: Tae J. Kwon Event Number: 276 Event Title: Use of Roadway Weather Information Systems and Vehicle Sensor Data in Surface Transportation Event …Read More


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Congratulations to Tae J. Kwon for successfully passing his Ph.D. oral defense on December 4, 2015 under supervision of Dr. Liping Fu.  The Oral Defense committee was chaired by Dr. Trefford Simpson, Professor at the Department of Optometry & Vision Science, University of Waterloo, and consisted of 4 examiners: Dr. Steven I-JY Chien, Professor at the Department of Civil and environmental engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA; Dr. Jean …Read More

Prof. Fu’s heart-warming story will be aired on Fairchild Television!

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(Photos of his interview with Fairchild TV) CONGRATULATIONS to Prof. Fu whose heart-warming story as a successful immigrant to Canada will be aired on Fairchild TV – the first Chinese media corporation to operate nationwide in Canada! The program featuring Prof. Fu’s story is called Mandarin Profile, which began its broadcast on January 1st 2015. Up until now, the program has been produced with the motto “understanding the community from …Read More

Photos from the 2015 Fall Convocation

Congratulations to Michale Linton and Faranak Hoseini on successfully earning a MASc degree at UW! Check out some photos of Michale and Faranak on their 2015 Fall Convocation!

Kamal Hossain Successfully Defended his PhD Oral Defense

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Congratulations to Kamal Hossain, a PhD student under supervision of Dr. Liping Fu, successfully passed his doctoral thesis defence on last Wednesday the 3rd of December, 2014.  The examining committee was chaired by Dr. Joe Qian, Associate Professor from the School of Planning, and included three internal examiners; Dr. Susan Tighe, Professor, and Dr. Mark Knight, Associate Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Dr. Boxin Zhao, Associate Professor …Read More

SICOPS Project featured on Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program

Snow and Ice Control for Parking Lots and Sidewalks (SICOPS)   There is a clear need to reduce road salt use in Canada due to its adverse environmental and socioeconomic effects. To date, research and development regarding the improvement of winter maintenance practice has primarily focused on roadways. However, best practices for snow and ice control on roadways do not typically apply to parking lots, which are subject to distinct …Read More

Prof. Fu and Tae’s research trip to Harbin, China

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In the past summer, Dr. Fu and Tae were invited to give a talk at the 2nd International Symposium on Winter Road Maintenance, held in Harbin, China (Aug 19-22, 2014). Dr. Fu gave a keynote speech and presented on “Performance of Alternative Snow and Ice Control Strategies and Materials – Results from a Large Scale Field Test” whereas Tae talked about his research topic on “Development and Evaluation of Models and …Read More